Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tongli-river city

Last sunday, as Yann and Sandra were visiting China, we went to Tongli, a small city famous for its canals near Suzhou, which is not far from Shanghai.
We just went to the train station and bought our tickets there, anytime i go to this train station, always so crowded, maybe because you cannot buy your tickets on Internet, or maybe because you cannot buy your tickets more than 2 weeks in advance!

45 minutes later, freshly arrived at Suzhou (22RMB soft seat, 15RMB hard sleep), then again we had to queue a while to buy the return tickets, because guess why, in China you can only buy tickets leaving a city from this city.
Then, next step was to find the right bus to bring us to Tongli (across the bridge after the train station, then on the right, trip lasts 45 minutes). We had to buy the entrance ticket 80RMB (actually because we were foreigners :) though a bit expensive, it was worthy, a very nice, pleasant town with many bridges and rivers, food delicacies and souvenirs, a bit cheaper than in Shanghai.
We also visited the Sex Museum, I know, this is China and the Chinese are quite prudish! It was mostly statues, objects, paintings and some weird opinions about women. Sorry i don't dare to put picture on this blog, don't want to be censored.

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