Sunday, 12 April 2009

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum: 上海博物馆
Right in the middle of People's Square, on 4 floors, this museum has different galleries: currency, painting, calligraphy, jade, furniture, bronze, ceramics and seals. Created in 1952, it moved to People's Square in 1992, it worths a few hours to spend. There are comments in Chinese and English. Today the entrance was free. They Xray our bags before entering and we are also good for the metal detector.

Bodhistttva, Tang dynasty, sa mission est d'aider le fidèle à se soulager des souffrances du monde
Head of Kasyapa, Tang dynasty 618-907

1 000 Bouddha stel
Food vessel, 11th c BC
currency with the form of a sword, used in 770-220 BC

Paintings from the begining of the XXth century

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