Thursday, 30 April 2009

Simply Thai

Until 3rd May, 5 dishes for 5 hours during 5 days are at 5 kuai at Simply Thai!! Really good deal! Went for lunch today at Xintiandi, eating in a terrasse, with the warming sun, it felt like being in France.
They served delicious food seasoned with adequate spices, among these 5 dishes were spring rolls, pandan leaf chicken, roast duck curry, glass noodle salad with seafood...drinks and dessert: coconut sago! Yum yum will go back to this restaurant for sure.

ERA acrobatic show

On Monday, i attended with Yann and Sandra a spectacular acrobatic show at Shanghai Circus, called ERA, impressive! We've seen a man juggling with huge jars, girls spinning 6 plates each while doing the splits... The most stunning was this metallic cage where 8 motorcyclers drove really fast at the same time.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tongli-river city

Last sunday, as Yann and Sandra were visiting China, we went to Tongli, a small city famous for its canals near Suzhou, which is not far from Shanghai.
We just went to the train station and bought our tickets there, anytime i go to this train station, always so crowded, maybe because you cannot buy your tickets on Internet, or maybe because you cannot buy your tickets more than 2 weeks in advance!

45 minutes later, freshly arrived at Suzhou (22RMB soft seat, 15RMB hard sleep), then again we had to queue a while to buy the return tickets, because guess why, in China you can only buy tickets leaving a city from this city.
Then, next step was to find the right bus to bring us to Tongli (across the bridge after the train station, then on the right, trip lasts 45 minutes). We had to buy the entrance ticket 80RMB (actually because we were foreigners :) though a bit expensive, it was worthy, a very nice, pleasant town with many bridges and rivers, food delicacies and souvenirs, a bit cheaper than in Shanghai.
We also visited the Sex Museum, I know, this is China and the Chinese are quite prudish! It was mostly statues, objects, paintings and some weird opinions about women. Sorry i don't dare to put picture on this blog, don't want to be censored.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

'Love supermarket'

Today, by strolling in People's Square, many sheets of paper with Chinese written on them attached to a string along the trees drew my attention. By getting closer, i've seen some of them had a photo. There were many people of all ages looking at these forms. Then, by reading and asking people, there it was, kind of 'love supermarket', single people of all ages, were looking for someone to marry with!
On the ad were precised, birth year, height, studies (if any), job!! Many people born in 1979, nearly 30 years old, a key date for Chinese for getting married.

I already knew that during Chinese New Year in Malaysia, Chinese single girls of all ages write their phone number on mandarins that they are throwing to single men. Then, the men wants to catch the maximum of mandarins so they'll have many phone numbers of potential bride!On the left one, here is a 63 years old who likes music, arts, sports,and has a house!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

"Silent" Concert by Eunice Martins

Today, thanks to Philippe's invitation, I attended an original artistic performance in Shanghai. Eunice Martins, a German piano concert soloist, performed during 2 black & white silent movies (films muets) 'The Kid' (1921) and 'City Lights'(1931), both written and starring Charlie Chaplin.

Actually, though it's a bit embarassing, it was the first time i have seen a (full) Charlie Chaplin movie. I found those movies funny and touching. The performance of the pianist was good! She impressed all of us when the crew decided to put on movie pictures and ask her to play on improvisation.
Apparently, during the other perfs, she also played on the silent movies 'Metropolis' and 'Nosferatu'. Today was her 6th and last concert in Shanghai (in River South Art Center, near Xinzha Road).
Eunice Martins is also famous, she played in various festivals in Hong-Kong, Berlin, Istanbul, Sao Paulo...

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ski/Snowboard in Shanghai

Today was my first time snowboarding. It's amazing to think you can ski/snowboard in Shanghai! The place is called Yinqixing Indoor Site, 银七星内滑雪场, open everyday from 9 am to 10 pm. It was created in 2005, the track is 380 metres long and 40 metres large, with 50 cm powder snow, it's considered as one of the longest indoor skiing track in the world (FYI Dubai is 400 metres long, the longest is in Bottrop, Germany). There are actually 3 slopes.




1 hour

98 yuan

118 yuan

2 hours

138 y

158 y


198 y

218 y

They are currently doing promotions, everyday Tuesday until 28 April 2009, 1 hour is 49 yuan (5€) , 2 hours 69 yuan (7€) and illimited 99 yuan (10€)!! Insurance and all the equipment included.

Directions: metro line 1, last station, Xinzhuang 莘庄站 (30 minutes from People's Square), then take the free shuttle from the North of the Xinzhuang metro station (yellow bus, it's written 滑雪场班车 on it). The free shuttle runs until 10 pm.

At the entrance, there are 2 screens where you can see what's going on the slope in live.

Qipu Lu, Shanghai biggest clothes market

Qipu Road is the biggest clothes market in Shanghai, composed of 4 buildings packed with clothes, shoes, jewels and bags, narrow corridors, don't go there during the week-end, it's like 'le parcours du combattant' (french expression): over-crowded & no air-con. Each building has at least 4 floors, easy to get lost. Many Chinese go there and buy in bulk to resell afterwards.

You can find there many many brands (fakes and Chinese brands), Tshirts are usually 25 RMB (2,5 €), but the problem, as you know Chinese people are not tall and very slim, so with the shoes: the biggest size is 39 (apparently it's actually a 38), as my size is 40-41 there is no chance that I can find a pair of shoes in China, I don't even tell you about the clothes, I"m sizing a 36 in European brands (jeans) but I do remember having bought once XL pants, so girls, better be prepared!

Directions: located 50 metres after the cross Haining Road/Henan Road 海宁路 河南路, nearest metro station is Baoshan Road 宝山路, line 1, 10 minutes walk.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum: 上海博物馆
Right in the middle of People's Square, on 4 floors, this museum has different galleries: currency, painting, calligraphy, jade, furniture, bronze, ceramics and seals. Created in 1952, it moved to People's Square in 1992, it worths a few hours to spend. There are comments in Chinese and English. Today the entrance was free. They Xray our bags before entering and we are also good for the metal detector.

Bodhistttva, Tang dynasty, sa mission est d'aider le fidèle à se soulager des souffrances du monde
Head of Kasyapa, Tang dynasty 618-907

1 000 Bouddha stel
Food vessel, 11th c BC
currency with the form of a sword, used in 770-220 BC

Paintings from the begining of the XXth century

Thursday, 2 April 2009

what can you do with 1€ in China

For one euro (=10 RMB):
  • my next readings, all bought new in the street for 1€ each (10 RMB), not original (nothing is original in China!) although it looks like real ones!
  • 1€ this is also what I paid at the hairdresser for a shampoo + cut + blow dry (shampooing + coupe + brushing). It's interesting to see that a meal at McDo is twice more expensive than a haircut in China!
  • 250 g of strawberries + 500 g of bananas + 500 g of mandarins + 200 g of tomatoes-cherries, all for less than 1€