Saturday, 25 April 2009

'Love supermarket'

Today, by strolling in People's Square, many sheets of paper with Chinese written on them attached to a string along the trees drew my attention. By getting closer, i've seen some of them had a photo. There were many people of all ages looking at these forms. Then, by reading and asking people, there it was, kind of 'love supermarket', single people of all ages, were looking for someone to marry with!
On the ad were precised, birth year, height, studies (if any), job!! Many people born in 1979, nearly 30 years old, a key date for Chinese for getting married.

I already knew that during Chinese New Year in Malaysia, Chinese single girls of all ages write their phone number on mandarins that they are throwing to single men. Then, the men wants to catch the maximum of mandarins so they'll have many phone numbers of potential bride!On the left one, here is a 63 years old who likes music, arts, sports,and has a house!

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