Sunday, 19 April 2009

"Silent" Concert by Eunice Martins

Today, thanks to Philippe's invitation, I attended an original artistic performance in Shanghai. Eunice Martins, a German piano concert soloist, performed during 2 black & white silent movies (films muets) 'The Kid' (1921) and 'City Lights'(1931), both written and starring Charlie Chaplin.

Actually, though it's a bit embarassing, it was the first time i have seen a (full) Charlie Chaplin movie. I found those movies funny and touching. The performance of the pianist was good! She impressed all of us when the crew decided to put on movie pictures and ask her to play on improvisation.
Apparently, during the other perfs, she also played on the silent movies 'Metropolis' and 'Nosferatu'. Today was her 6th and last concert in Shanghai (in River South Art Center, near Xinzha Road).
Eunice Martins is also famous, she played in various festivals in Hong-Kong, Berlin, Istanbul, Sao Paulo...

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