Friday, 17 July 2009

Bamboo Rafting

I went to a 2 day trip with Bamboo Rafting organised to Yuhang (near Hangzhou). The travel agency invited 40 foreigners living in Shanghai to join 40 Chinese to compete in bamboo rafting. And it was free of charge for foreigners, lucky us!

So we left Shanghai by bus for a 3 hour drive. Here we were, people (mostly students) from Sweden, Latvia, UK, Korea, Niger, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Brasil, Russia, France...

The competition started the second day, with teams of FIVE, doing a race, the first challenge was to be the fastest to the arrival on a bamboo raft. In 5 minutes, it was done. We won our serie but the Chinese were faster.
The second competition was a slalom one on an air-boat. 14 minutes to paddle, it was hard!
The day finished by a swim in the rivern this felt so good when you know it's 35° outside, then a barbecue and a bonfire.

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